Weddings are an important part of most cultures. Therefore, it makes sense for people planning weddings to want nothing but a perfect day. The newlyweds and the guests should both have a good time. The wedding venue plays a big part in how the whole event will unfold. It is becoming common for people to have their wedding receptions at bars and restaurants. Here are tips on choosing bars and restaurants as wedding venues.


The first thing you should ask the bar and restaurant you plan to book is the kind of food they offer. Have a thorough review of the foods they have on their menu. Ask for their specialty and if possible, speak with the chef and servers in advance to lay down your requirements. Think of the guests’ preferences. Take time to read the reviews other diners have left based on their experience eating and drinking at the bar before making a decision.


You should have a rough idea of how many people will be coming for the wedding before you book your venue. Have a contract with the restaurant to avoid disappointments and last minute cancellation. The restaurants and bars you are thinking of should be able to host all your guests comfortably. You do not want a situation where your guests are overcrowded; or a room that is too big that people do not get to mingle effectively.


Never make the mistake of booking the bars and restaurants without having a candid discussion about how much everything will cost. Go into details over things like whether you will have to pay extra for the servers and any other hidden costs. The trick is to start your search early enough so that you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

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