Cocktails are delicious, but if you didn’t know, they could also kill you. Be aware of what you are ordering in any bar or restaurant because eccentric and delicious can be dangerous too.

Corpse Reviver

As the title says, this cocktail is strong enough to revive any corpse. People drink it to experience high sensations, but this is highly dangerous. The gin and absinthe classic is worth any risk.


This Zombie cocktail is a classic one that’s strong enough to sit you up straight in the chair. The recipe can undoubtedly vary from place to place, but it all revolves around the proportion of rum and citrus.

Blue Blazer

This cocktail was invented by the patron saint of bartending; Jerry Thomas. The ingredients and way of preparing it have been evolving during the decades. This is the reason why bartending has gone into the dangerous and carnivalesque atmosphere, due to the stream of electric-blue, flaming whiskey between metal mugs. This cocktail attracts every pair of eyes in the room.


This cocktail is one of the most controversial and mythical ones ever. Some modern varieties sold in the US may not contain hallucinogenic substances, but all the charm in this cocktail in the drug element.

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