Being a regular at a local bar can be a good thing for your health. People who go in such bars have more interaction with other humans than the rest of us who don’t.

As technology evolves, we feel more attracted to spending our time on the internet instead of interacting with other people. Bars are places where we can go to enjoy a fancy cocktail served by a robot bartender, but you can chat with people and make friends.

A study called “Friends on Tap: The Role of Pubs at the Heart of Community” revealed that regularly going to a pub can bring you plenty of benefits. This study specifically showed that a person living near a bar tends to have more close friends and generally to speak, they are happier and have more significant trust in other people.

Making friends is a process which needs face to face interaction, so a bar or a pub is the right place to do it. Even though technology can make us believe it’s easier to find friends online, relaxed bars are the right places where people can maintain their old friendships or make new ones.

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