Bars are often called taverns, pubs, or beer bars because usually people go there to have a drink and socialise with friends or new people. In other words, a bar is a place which serves alcoholic beverages, such as wine, beer, cocktails, and some other drinks such as tap water, mineral water, and soft drinks.

Some bars also offer snack foods; for example, potato chips, or even peanuts with some beverages. They try to attract and localise their clients by any means. Other types of bars are trying to do that by introducing some dishes on the menu.

Usually, the word “bar” comes from a place which is formed from a countertop and an area where waiters serve the drinks to clients. So, bars can even be on a beach.

Different countries have restrictions when it comes to serving alcohol to teenagers. Some bars serve it only after 18 years, while others do it only after 21, depending on the country’s legal age.

Bars are not a place to get dressed formally for, and people go there as relaxed and chilled as they can. On the other hand, restaurants are another story to be told. Restaurants can be more or less formal, so dressing a little more formally may be required.

Restaurants are usually larger than bars, and the furniture makes the difference. More formal, more elegant, with a more professional service, restaurants are just something else other than bars.

When people go to a restaurant, they expect to be treated with a little more respect than they would get in a bar. Restaurants are places where people rarely go alone but in couples or groups. Bars are for the lonely ones looking to get a partner or make friends.

The service in a restaurant is more formal, more polite, and the food offer is more diverse and more exquisite. Restaurants usually have a specific menu, and the food is cooked and served, such as the residents of that country do.

As the food is the main attraction, people go to a restaurant to eat. Most of the time, the food is preceded by a couple of drinks, alcoholic or not, so people can drink in a restaurant also.

Sometimes restaurants offer more exquisite cocktails than some simple bars. The quality of food is way better than in a bar or pub, due to the experienced, qualified chefs who usually work in a restaurant kitchen.

Both bars and restaurants can plan thematic nights for events such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so on, but everything depends on the owner and the client request if it exists or not.

How to better get to know a new city or even try to explore more on your own, by going into bars and restaurants?

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