Travelling is undoubtedly seen as one of the most enriching experiences one can do, and exploring other cultures includes tasting their food. Local delicacies are a must for everyone who tries to explore the unknown.


This food is originally from Japan, and it is locally known as “fugu.” You must be aware that only highly-trained chefs can serve fugu safely to any client who orders it. This dish is eaten raw, fried or boiled with miso, and it is considered extremely dangerous because deadly poison can be found in the internal organs and especially the liver. Therefore it can instantly kill if not prepared well.

Live Octopus

This dish is originally from Korea, where it is also called Sannakji. The way to eat it is raw, and it is deadly dangerous because if you don’t chew it well, the suction of the octopus can make you choke and suffocate while gripping your throat.


This dish is a fruit well loved in Jamaica. How do you eat it? Well, you must eat it once fully ripe, also properly prepared, and without eating the toxic seeds.

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