London is known as one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, and tourists love it. London has plenty of bars for you to choose from whether you are a tourist or a resident. There are so many bar types in this city; speakeasies, basements bars, cocktail bars, rooftop bars, and many others.

Drink, Shop & Do

This bar is a Victorian Turkish Bath House where people can party until dawn in a vintage style landscape, where you can be served a diversity of goodies; from crumpets to delicious cocktails. Also, in this bar, there is a little secret downstairs area, which leads to an old shop where you can remember times past.

London Cocktail Club, Goodge St

This particular bar is a highly-acclaimed venue beloved by bar-hoppers. Here, tourists can choose from a cracking diversity of bold cocktails, a menu of high-quality dishes, and a kitsch basement bar which you will love. All this being said, this is one of the best cocktails bars in the city.


This bar is a classic example of creativity and an amazing world of cocktails. Also, Burlock adds something else; an amazing menu among the cocktails. This is the perfect place to go when you want to see and do something else, due to its charming and romantic side, which makes it perfect for chatting with friends and also drinking something nice.

Trailer Happiness

This bar can be found in a basement on Portobello Road if you know where it is, and it is the place where you can drink some of the most exquisite cocktails in the city. All in an off-beat decor which will charm any person, whether a woman or a man. This place transmits a good-vibe, and it is intimate enough for people who are looking for another version of a cocktail bar in this city. Also, if you want to dance, this is the place to do it, because they have a regular DJ.


This bar is packed with chilled vibes, quality cocktails, and polite bar staff; things that make it the perfect place to be if you dislike the crowded cocktails bars in West London. This place is the best one if you are looking for a speakeasy bar in the city.

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