People who come to the UK must try the traditional British dishes which have become famous over the years. The typical meals you can try here also are served in Scotland or Wales.

Yorkshire Pudding

This particular recipe is often eaten as the main dish, and not as a dessert as you would probably think it is. As the main course, or even as a starter, this one is delicious. Made from flour, eggs, and milk, this one is baked in the oven, and sometimes it is moistened with gravy.

The way to eat it is having a large, flat one filled with gravy, and some vegetables as a starter of any meal. When you finish the main dish, the unused puddings are served with jam or even ice-cream as dessert.

Toad in the Hole

This dish is sausages covered in batter and delicately baked. While it is similar to Yorkshire Pudding, the sausages are placed in the batter just before cooking.

Roast Meat

This dish contains some typical meats roasted in the oven; joints of beef, pork, lamb or a whole chicken. For more exquisite tastes, you can also try duck, goose, turkey, gammon, or game meat.

Fish and Chips

Fish; cod, haddock, huss, or plaice, which has been deep fried in flour batter with chips; fried potatoes that are usually dressed in malt vinegar. This dish is the UK’s traditional take-away food due to the fact it can’t be properly cooked at home.

Pie and Mash with Parsley Liquor

This dish is the traditional East End of London food. At first, this dish was cooked using eels because eels were cheaper than beef. Fifty years ago eels were replaced by minced beef pies.

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