There are some things you should never order in a bar because they will taste horrible and your money will be wasted. Otherwise, you can have a sneaky diet buster, or the bartender can take advantage of you. You must be careful, and this is why we are going to talk about the worst drink to order at a bar.


This drink is fairly popular among drinkers. You might think it is harmless and just another refreshing beverage order, but it can contain bacteria from those spoiled mint leaves everybody loves to have in their drinks.

White Russians

This drink contains cream or milk, and for your information bars often forget to restock so that the product can be expired. You don’t want to taste a sour drink, do you?

Frozen Drinks

These drinks may seem like the perfect choice in hot weather, but they will surely help you put some calories away.

Draft Beers in a Dirty Bar

Before ordering a beer at a bar, you should check their bathrooms, because if they don’t clean them correctly, the beer can be contaminated. Just avoid it if you see something wrong.

A Bloody Mary

This drink, like many others, contains Tabasco sauce which can be harmful to your health, because a heavy touch may make a drink seem too spiced, and it can harm some people’s digestive system.

Red Bull

Any drink which is mixed with Red Bull is not recommended. This sweet energy drink can mask the taste of alcohol and the feeling of getting drunk, so you will drink more than you can manage.

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