London offers plenty of restaurants to choose from and neither Londoners, nor tourists can complain. Here are the worst things you can eat in London restaurants.

  • Eating at Pizza Express on Dean St, when Pizza Pilgrims is across the road

Pizza Express dishes are far less enjoyable than what Pizza Pilgrims has to offer. If you have to choose between Pizza Pilgrims and anything else, go with the first one.

  • Eating bread at 8 Hoxton Square

That this bread is unique and yummy is unrefutable, but it’s not good for your health. Mixing bacon and bread is not the best idea if you want to stay fit. If you’re going to eat in this restaurant, take a look at the menu for healthier dishes.

  • Eating curry on Brick Lane

Why eat curry in theserestaurants when you can do it somewhere else for better conditions? There are plenty of restaurants that look and serve better than these.

  • Steak at any Angus Steakhouse

If you wish to eat a steak, don’t go here. You can eat one without taking out a mortgage, so please try somewhere else. There are so many better restaurants in London.

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