If you are travelling in the UK, you must know from the start most of the traditional dishes here are filled with all sorts of meat, but there is hope even for a vegetarian. Today we are going to talk about a few recipes every vegetarian should try once in London.

Mildreds Mushroom and Ale Pie

Mildreds is one place to start your vegetarian journey in London. Every vegetarian who finds this place must try this dish. The mushrooms look fantastic, and the ale pie is excellent. Every vegetarian and even the non-vegetarians will enjoy it.

The Buffet at Tibits

The buffet is the best option for someone with a limited budget. He can, therefore, try out some things he finds attractive while looking at a low price. The best trick one can do, is to have a taste of everything available in the buffet. The curries are especially incredible.

The Coach and Horses Tofu and Chips

Tofu and chips are one dish you must try, but you can leave out the tofu if you are allergic to it.

Food For Thought’s Butter Bean Bake and Salad

If you are into vegetables, this is the perfect dish for you. Mixing a couple of vegetables in a tasty bake and then adding a salad is an excellent way to watch your diet and weight.

Sausage Rolls and Salad at the Beetroot Café

The salad will include quinoa, dill coleslaw, and every vegetable you ever heard about in your life. This is the perfect dish for the vegetable enthusiast. You have to try it out sometime!

Fried Mushroom Mousse at Vanilla Black

For a mushroom fan, this is the most delicious dish, because it is served with a fancy rosemary sauce and fennel.

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