The best bars will have their own unique atmosphere and character. This is created by decorating the interior in an effective way. Floor coverings are an essential part of this. The most popular types of rugs are rectangular. A bar can distinguish itself from its rivals by instead opting for a round rug. These are available from Trendcarpet. Choosing a rug of this shape will offer several advantages.

They Soften the Interior

Bars will be filled with numerous objects that are rectangular in shape. This includes the furniture, wall art, bar mats and the bar itself. Interior designers could utilise round rugs to soften up the area to make it appear more welcoming. Taking attention away from the hard lines will improve the overall aesthetic. Adding circularity to a bar can do wonders for how inviting it appears to any potential customers.

They Create a Sense of Cohesion

Bars also often have elements within them that seem disconnected from each other. If cohesion is achieved, then the popularity of the bar may be improved. This is easily achievable with a round rug. The right sized one will depend on how spacious the area is. The aim is to fill up empty areas without looking overwhelming.

They Can Dress up a Corner

Sometimes it is better for the bar floor to be designed in more of a minimalist fashion. Rather than placing the round rug in the centre of the floor, it goes in a corner. That way, customers are more focused on the drinks being served than any design elements. It may even be a better idea to semi conceal the rug under an item of furniture.

They Make Smaller Bars Seem Larger

One of the main reasons why people prefer round rugs over rectangular ones is that they can alter how a space is perceived. This will be particularly appealing to smaller bars. With the right placement, a rug from Trendcarpet can help to make the interior seem larger than it is.

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